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Bug bounty and pentesting are crucial components of the cyber security landscape. These activities involve identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in networks and systems in order to help improve their security. In recent years, a new tool has emerged that has the potential to greatly enhance the capabilities of bug bounty hunters and pentesters: ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a powerful language model trained by OpenAI. It has the ability to understand and generate natural language text, which makes it an incredibly useful tool for bug bounty hunters and pentesters. By using ChatGPT, these professionals can interact with systems and networks using natural language commands, which can help them bypass security measures that are designed to block traditional hacking techniques.

But ChatGPT's capabilities go beyond just natural language processing. It has also been trained on a vast amount of data related to bug bounty hunting and pentesting, making it an invaluable resource for identifying potential vulnerabilities and exploits. This allows bug bounty hunters and pentesters to quickly and efficiently scan systems and networks for weaknesses, and to develop targeted attacks that can exploit those weaknesses.

Accessing ChatGPT

Navigate to the website:

Login if you already have an account, if not then sign up. This is what the ChatGPT dashboard looks like.

Now prepared to be amazed!

Identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities

ChatGPT can help you determine if a piece of code contains security vulnerabilities and provide clear explanations for its findings in simple language. Here is an example shared by Mazin Ahmed on twitter

Detect XSS vulnerabilities in code sample
Create a PoC exploit with full details on the reproduction of the issue.

Abhay Bhargav shared a tweet stating the power of ChatGPT in potential security vulnerability detection.

Better than SAST Tools

Creating a virtual machine within ChatGPT

Research scientist Jonas Degrave demonstrated how to use ChatGPT to create a virtual Linux terminal within a web browser.

VM inside ChatGPT


Now writing your own automation script is easy

Using ChatGPT you can now write your own automation scripts, just tell what you what. Youssef A. Mohamed tweeted an example as shown below.

Instructions for bash script
Script generated

Are you looking for a mentor? Leets are not answering to your noob questions?

ChatGPT have proved that it can answer your questions and guide you in Bug bounties.  Next time you need  a mentor, you can try your luck here.

Kanhaiya Sharma asked what are the top places to learn bug bounty hunting, this is what ChatGPT said:

Top place to learn

Remonsec tweeted a set of questions we all bug bounty hunters had or have, and now we have someone to answer it.

How much i can earn
How to spot a faker

For Mike Takahashi, ChatGPT acted as bug bounty hunter and explained him a complicated XSS payload.

XSS Payload Explained

Making things that matters

Working Directory Brute-Force Tool Built By ChatGPT

Directory Brute-Force Tool

payloadartist created a directory bruteforce tool using ChatGPT.

Directory Brute-force Tool

Discord recon bot

Recon + notification system = $$$, ChatGPT here to help you with that. Creating a discord recon bot with in seconds using ChatGPT.

Discord recon bot


Burp Suite Extensions

Rez0 used ChatGPT to create Burp Suite extension!

Burp Suite Extension

Nuclei Templates

ChatGPT can let you know the fingerprint for specific technologies so you can make your Nuclie template


Another template generated

XSS Payload Generator

Rez0 used ChatGPT to create a XSS payload generator.

Are there any patterns in this list of subdomains?

Shubham Shah asked ChatGPT to provide insights on the list of subdomains provided, and here are the results.

RickRoll someone with duckyscript

Rohit created a Rickroll rubber ducky code with help of ChatGPT.

who needs javascript deobfuscators

PwnFunction showed how to use ChatGPT as a javaScript deofuscator.


Regex nighmare will end with help of ChatGPT for many.

JQ is not scary anymore

jq doesn't scare me anymore. ChatGPT can make rules for it.

Create CTFs

Now you can create your own ctfs with help of ChatGPT, here is what Ayoub FATHI created.

Debangshu showed that with help of ChatGPT you can now make your faviourt tool from one code base to another. He demonstrated this with making goloang version of dirsearch.

OTP BruteForcer

Mehmet INCE created a OTP bruteforcer with help of ChatGPT.

Writing boring stuffs are easy now

ChatGPT can now help you in writing emails, bug bounty reports, audit reports and more.

Professional  Emails for you client

Use ChatGPT to generate professional looking mails to communicate with your clients.

Bug Bounty Reports

Using ChatGPT you can write your bugbounty reports easily and get some more time in finding bugs than writing report.

Pentest/Security Audit Report

ChatGPT can help you in your pentest reporting as well.

Beg Bounty

You can use ChatGPT for some laughter also. Looks what bugbountymemes made

Be creative

ChatGPT can generate rap, songs, poem and much more

Anugrah (That's me) asked to write a funny bugbounty tip, and it was a roast! Thanks ChatGPT.

Rohit dedicated this song to all bugbounty hunters out there

LiveOverflow made a rap using ChatGPT, let's wait and see if he releases it in his youtube channel

Of course, ChatGPT is not a replacement for traditional bug bounty hunting and pentesting tools and techniques. It is a powerful addition to a bug bounty hunter or pentester's toolkit, and can be used to greatly enhance their capabilities. By leveraging ChatGPT's natural language processing and knowledge of bug bounty hunting and pentesting, these professionals can more effectively identify and exploit vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

Overall, the power of ChatGPT for bug bounty hunting and pentesting cannot be overstated. Its ability to understand and generate natural language text, combined with its knowledge of these fields, make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their capabilities in these areas. Whether you are a professional pentester, a hobbyist bug bounty hunter, or just someone interested in cyber security, ChatGPT is definitely worth checking out.

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