Hi there!👋

My name is Anugrah SR and I am a cyber security professional and bug bounty hunter. I have a passion for all things related to cyber security and enjoy finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in websites and applications.
Hi there!👋
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What I do

Penetration Testing 🖥️

Perform professional penetration testing on Web/Mobile/API/Network/Cloud application to identify any weak spots in a system’s defenses which attackers could take advantage of.
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Vulnerability Assessment 🛠

Evaluates if the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed.
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Research and content creation 📑

Research and innovation that can generate advances that help cybersecurity keep up with the evolving cyber risks. I also Create, curate and contribute in the infosec content creation avenue.
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About me

Through my blog, I aim to share my knowledge and insights with others who are interested in staying safe and secure online. I cover a wide range of topics related to these fields, including the latest vulnerabilities and exploits, tips and tricks for finding and reporting bugs, and updates on the bug bounty landscape.

In addition to my blog, I also offer consulting services to help individuals and businesses strengthen their cyber security defenses. I am passionate about helping others stay safe online, and I am always happy to share my knowledge and expertise with those who are looking to improve their cyber security. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you find my posts informative and helpful, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

1. Experience

My Previous Employers
  • Security Engineer at UST
  • Intern-Security Consultant at SecureLayer7

2. Certifications & Achievements

Hack The Box

3. Talks & Sessions

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4. Contributions and Community Engagements


Community Engagements

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