Feb 13, 2023 2 min read

Expert Insights on Cyber Security: A Recap of the Null VIT Bhopal Student Chapter Panel Discussion

Expert Insights on Cyber Security: A Recap of the Null VIT Bhopal Student Chapter Panel Discussion

As an avid believer in the importance of cyber security, I was honored to be a part of the comprehensive panel discussion on Instagram Live, organized by the Null VIT Bhopal Student Chapter. As a first-time panelist, I must admit that I was both nervous and excited to share my knowledge and experiences with the students and juniors at my university.

Alongside my fellow panelists Abhinav Pandey and Yash Gorasiya, we discussed a range of topics related to the field of cyber security. The discussion turned out to be an outstanding experience overall, as we got the chance to answer the questions that students had about the field. It was truly fulfilling to be able to help clear their doubts and provide them with insights that I wish I had when I was starting out on my own journey in the field.

One of the key topics that we covered was how to get into the field of cybersecurity. We talked about the skills and knowledge required to succeed in this field and emphasized the importance of keeping up with the latest advancements and trends.

We also talked about recent cyber attacks and the impact they have had on businesses and individuals alike. This provided the students with a firsthand look at the real-world consequences of cybersecurity breaches and helped to highlight the importance of taking proactive measures to protect against these attacks.

Another topic that we covered was the current startup environment in cyber security. We discussed the challenges and opportunities that exist for startups in this field and provided the students with advice on how to launch their own cybersecurity startups.

Links to the panel discussion can be found here:

Overall, the panel discussion was a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. I’m grateful to the Null VIT Bhopal Student Chapter for inviting me to be a part of this meaningful event, and I look forward to participating in more discussions like these in the future.

Anugrah S R
Anugrah S R
I am a cyber security professional, bug bounty hunter, and blogger. I have a passion for all things related to cyber security and enjoy finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in various applications.
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