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Mastering the Android Pentesting Game: An Insider's Look at the Newest Certification

Mastering the Android Pentesting Game: An Insider's Look at the Newest Certification

The field of mobile security is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the game requires specialized knowledge and skills. One such certification that validates your expertise in Android application security is the Certified Mobile Pentester (CMPen) - Android exam by The SecOps Group. There are hardly any certifications to check your skills in this domain and the ones we have are outdated and most of us take it for the sake of having a mobile pentest-related cert in our resume. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the intricacies of this intermediate-level exam, exploring its format, pass criteria, and the experience needed to take the certification.

Note: The views and review shared in this blog post are my personal opinions and do not reflect those of my employer. I strive to provide an unbiased assessment of the Certified Mobile Pentester (CMPen) - Android certification based on my professional experience in the field of mobile security. Transparency and integrity are paramount, ensuring an objective evaluation of the certification's affordability and value.

Overview of the CMPen - Android Exam

The CMPen - Android exam is designed to assess a candidate's understanding of the core concepts of mobile security, specifically in the realm of Android applications. By successfully passing this exam, candidates demonstrate their ability to perform both static and dynamic analysis of Android apps, ensuring they can effectively identify vulnerabilities and assess their impact.

This exam is suitable for a range of professionals, including pentesters, security architects, and mobile security enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to evaluate your existing knowledge or elevate your expertise in Android application security, the CMPen - Android exam provides an excellent opportunity to do so.

The CMPen - Android exam is an intensive four-hour practical test that challenges participants to solve a series of real-world scenarios. These scenarios involve identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, obtaining flags, and showcasing practical knowledge of mobile security. The exam can be taken online, on-demand, and from anywhere, providing flexibility for candidates. To participate, attendees are required to download the Android APK build and connect to the exam VPN server.

The CMPen - Android exam is an intermediate-level certification, demanding prior knowledge and experience in Android application pentesting. Familiarity with common tactics, techniques, and procedures used in this domain is crucial. Candidates should be well-versed in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, as they will encounter similar challenges within the exam environment.

When it comes to certifications, affordability and value are key factors to consider. The Certified Mobile Pentester (CMPen) - Android certification strikes a perfect balance by offering exceptional value at an affordable price. At just 250 euros, this certification provides an opportunity to enhance your career while saving significantly compared to other certifications in the industry. If you are lucky you will get this certification at discounted prize as the SecOps group runs promotional activities in social media platforms. Recenlt'y they gave 75% off using the coupon CMPEN-75.

Certification Syllabus:
The exam will cover the following topics [Take from official website]

* Android Security Architecture And Permission Model
* Android Application Component
* Understanding Of Android Application Pentesting Environment
* OWASP Mobile Top 10
* Static And Dynamic Analysis
* Reverse Engineering Android Applications
* Understanding Of Android Application Pentesting Tools, Such As Adb, Drozer, Jadx-Gui, Logcat, Etc.
* Traffic Analysis Using Burp Suite And Wireshark
* Frida, Objection, And MobSF
* Root Detection & SSL Pinning Checks
* Excessive/Insecure Logging And Its Analysis
* Hardcoding Issues
* Obfuscation In The Code
* Misconfigured Database Storage
* Understanding And Exploitation Of Insecure Activities And Content Providers
* Exploitation Of Logic Flaws
* Inspection Of Certificate And Signing Schema
* Common Security Misconfigurations And Android Security Best Practices
* > * Insecure Permissions
* > * Encryption and cryptography
* > * Insecure Storage of Data
* > * Use of Outdated and Vulnerable Technology Components
* > * Insecure Coding Practice

Study materials

The best way to learn mobile pentesting is through doing it and getting your hands dirty. Following are few resources I use and endorse:

  1. A step-by-step Android penetration testing guide for beginners by HTB
  2. Mobile Application Penetration Testing course by TCM Security
  3. Android Applications Pentesting by Hacktricks
  4. MobSF
  5. Configuring Frida with BurpSuite and Genymotion to bypass Android SSL Pinning

Overall rating: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐🟡

My Certification

I passed the exam with merit.

I would suggest having the android pentesting setup prior to the exam will save you a lot of time. Your command on tools like MobSF, Frida and intercepting request will be vital during the examination time. Overall your ability in dynamic and static analysis will be tested. I really enjoyed the certification, I believe in the upcoming versions more challenges will be added that test you to the extrema.

The Certified Mobile Pentester (CMPen) - Android exam serves as a significant milestone in the career of pentesters, security architects, and mobile security enthusiasts. By obtaining this certification, professionals showcase their expertise in Android application security, validating their practical knowledge and skill set. If you're ready to take your Android pentesting skills to the next level, the CMPen - Android exam is an opportunity worth exploring.

Remember, the world of mobile security is constantly evolving, and by staying ahead, you become an indispensable asset in today's digital landscape.

Do let me know if you need a series of blog on Android Pentesing in the comment!

Anugrah S R
Anugrah S R
I am a cyber security professional, bug bounty hunter, and blogger. I have a passion for all things related to cyber security and enjoy finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in various applications.
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